GraniteBay.com has received several e-mails recently that express concerns about different situations in the area; i.e. traffic problems, project development issues, down trees, etc. If your concerns are similar to the examples listed and are related to Granite Bay, Placer County, please send your email to lbrown@placer.ca.gov.

At its regular Board meeting on February 12, at 7:00 in the district office on Auburn Folsom Road, SJWD will consider available options for the crisis, and based on their grim discussions at the January 22 meeting there are no good ones. ...

At a recent fire board meeting, an information item was presented to the Board of Directors that the new healthcare law may affect ambulance transportation revenues ...

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June MAC Meeting Summary

Supervisor Report:
If Supervisor Kirk Uhler is not present, Linda Brown will present

Auburn Folsom Widening Project Update:
Presented by: Kevin Ordway, Senior Civil Engineer, Department of Public Works and Bob LoRusso, Vice President of Salaber Associates, Inc. (10 min.)
The latest update on the Auburn Folsom Widening Project will be provided. What information can you expect to hear ? What are the contractors doing now? What work still needs to be done? What is the anticipated completion date? Is there more work to be done in the future? The answer to thes e questions and more will be provided in the update.

Folsom Lake Estates Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Project :
Present e d by: Alice Atherton, Associate Civil Engineer, Department of Public Works (20 min.)
Members of Folsom Lake Estates community have formed a committee that is utilizing the County’s Neighborhood Traffic Management Program with the goal of implementing traffic calming measures in their neighborhood. The community has voted on a neighborhood ballot with the purpose of showing the community support of installing permanent speed cus h ions and one stop sign, with a majority of the cost bor n e by the neighborhood. Results of this ballot will be presented. Public Works is requesting a Recommendation of Support from the Granite Bay MAC.

This item will be presented to the Board of Supervisors on July 7, 2015.


May’s Mac meeting, scheduled to held on Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 7 PM, has been moved to the Big Gym: 54 77 Eureka Road.

May MAC Meeting Summary

Supervisor Report:
If Supervisor Kirk Uhler is not present, Linda Brown will present

Neff Rentals’ Request for 10 - Foot High Electric Fence:
Present e d by: Sherri Conway, Senior Planner, Placer County Planning Services Division ( 15 min.)
The MAC is being asked to review the Design Review Committee’s decision to deny a request for a 10 - foot high electric fence at Neff Rentals, located at 84545 Sierra College Boulevard, Granite Bay (APN: 048 - 030 - 073). The Design Review Committee’s decision i s being appealed to the Planning Commission. The property is zoned CPD - DC (Commercial Planned Development Zone District, with a combining Design Corridor). The purpose of the CPD zone district is to designate areas appropriate for mixed - use community shopp ing centers, office parks, and other similar development. The purpose of the Design Corridor (DC) combining district is to provide special regulations to protect and enhance the aesthetic character of lands and buildings within public view.

The item will be heard by the Planning Commission on Thursday, May 7, 2015.

Placer County Sheriff Office's Annual Ride With Pride 2015 Sign-up

It's time to sign up for the Placer County Sheriff Office's Annual Ride With Pride, a one-day camp that pairs grade-school children with deputies and their horse partners. Reservations are required and the camp fills up quickly each year.

Participants may choose to attend Ride With Pride on one of four days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, June 15, 16, 17 or 18 at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn. Members of the Sheriff's Office, all with horse experience, have developed a complete program featuring sessions in which children have fun while learning about the care, handling and riding of horses. Children ages seven through 12 are invited to participate. This is a free event.

Classes will be held from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. each day and a free lunch is provided. For more information or to register, call Community Services Officer Lynn Harrison at (916)652-2419 or e-mail her at lharriso@placer.ca.gov.

April MAC Meeting Summary

Supervisor Report:
If Supervisor Kirk Uhler is not present, Linda Brown will present

The Middle Fork Project - Overview :
Presented by: Brett Storey, Senior management analyst, Placer County Planning Department
The Middle Fork Project (MFP) is a multi - purpose water supply and hydro - generation project designed to conserve and control waters of the Middle Fork American River, the Rubicon River, and several associated tributary streams in order to meet municipal, industrial, and agricultural demands within western Placer County, to provide recreational experiences, to contribute to the natural resource preservation and enhancement of the river and to generate power for the California electrical grid. In 2006, the Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) and the County of Placer entered in to a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) in order to obtain a new Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license to approve Future Electrical Energy Sales, fund the necessary operational costs and to distribute revenues from Future Electrical Energy Sales to both PCWA and Placer County. The presentation will provide an overview of the project, the re-license process and the policies (financial, administrative and operational) and potential revenues involved. Get a more detailed description of the project at http://www.placer.ca.gov/projects/middle-fork-project.

The Grove at Granite Bay Subdivision and Conditional Use Permit Modification:
Present e d by: Sherri Conway, Senior Planner, Placer County Planning Services Division (15 min.)
The project, the Grove at Granite Bay, is located on the west side of Berg Street, south of Olive Ranch Road and north of Douglas Boulevard, in the Granite Bay area. The applicant is seeking a modification to the Conditional Use Permit for The Grove at Granit e Bay (PSGC 2004 - 0294) regarding the setback requirements on several lots.

Six (6) specific lots that are bordered by Berg Street to the south (APNs : 460 - 260 - 001, 460 - 260 - 008, 460 - 260 - 009, 460 - 270 - 002, 460 - 270 - 009, 460 - 280 - 009) , the applicant is requ esting to modify the following Conditions of Approval:

  • 82: Notification to future owners of Lots 1, 8, 9, 24, 25, and 32 that solid fencing on any type is prohibited within the “front” setback along Berg Street.
  • 85: Notification to the future owners that no structures, including sold fencing over 3’ in heights may be installed in front setback areas, including any property frontages along roadways.
  • 97: Other than approved entry features, solid walls, solid wood fencing, and any other solid features are prohibited along the Berg Street and Olive Ranch Road frontages. Open fencing (i.e. wrought iron) is allowed, subject to review and approval by the DRC.
The project was approved to include a 30 - foot landscaped corridor from the edge of the easement of Berg Street, in addition to a 25 - foot landscape easement, and a building setback requirement of 50 feet from the property line. The applicant is requesting the modification to allow property owners the option to construct full or partial solid fencing at the edge of the 25 - foot landscape easement to allow for greater privacy in the backyards of these lots that front on Berg Street. The required 50 - foot building setback from the project boundary would remain unchanged.

Additionally, the applicant is requesting to modify the following Condition:

  • 12 – Show the limits of the future, unmitigated, fully developed, 100 - year flood plain (after grading) for the on - site marsh and wetland areas on the Improvement Plans and Informational Sheet(s) filed with the Final Map(s) and designate same as a building setback line unless greater setbacks are required by other conditions contained herein. Show a 30’ rear setback line for Lots 10 and 11 due to the close proximity of the 100 - year post - development ponding limit.
The applicant is requesting reductions in the front setback to lot 12 (APN 460 - 260 - 012) and to the front and rear setbacks to lots 10 and 11 (APNs 460 - 260 - 020 and 460 - 260 - 011). The front setback reduction requested for these three lots would be modifie d from 35’ to 25’ to allow for more flexibility in home plotting, a reasonable useable yard area and to avoid impacting trees. The rear yard setbacks backs requested for lots 10 and 11 are currently 30’. The developer requests a reduction to the rear set back for lots 10 and 11 to the standard 10’ or to the flood elevation of 313, whichever is more restrictive.

Committees and Commissions

The Board of Supervisors appoints citizens of Placer County to committees and commissions in order to guide and advise local government. These are the committees and commissions that you might consider serving on. We have regular vacancies and it is important that these be filled by a broad spectrum of voices.

District 4 Vacancies

Placer County Assessment Appeals Board is accepting applications. Specific criteria must be met for this position. For more information about the Board click here. For an application, click here.

March MAC Meeting Summary

Supervisor Report:
If Supervisor Kirk Uhler is not present, Linda Brown will present

Little Sunshine Playhouse & Preschool :
Presented by Stephen Brown, Buttry - Brown Development and Ron Wood, RFE (15 min.)
Little Sunshine Playhouse & Preschool is a proposa l that is to be located at 5408 Douglas Boulevard, Granite Bay, CA. The project is located on the south side of Douglas Boulevard, south of Monterey Pine Place and southwest of Berg St reet . Th e project has not submitted an application to Placer County Planning Division at this time .

2015 Water Supply Reliability Barton Road Intertie Project:
Presented by David Petty, Project Manager C & D Contractors, Inc.
This is a joint project between Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) and San Juan Water District (SJWD) to upgrade and install a 12” pipeline in the Barton Rd. roadway to provide improved transport of water . The project contractor is requesting Public Works Department approve a soft closure on Barton Road between Cavitt Stallman Road and Indian Springs Road. The contractor has submitted a Traffic Control Plan. The soft closure will require a total of 18 working days . It will require an additional soft closure at the end of the project to do the final overlay on the road. The contractor is requesting the MACs comments on the soft road closure.

Country House Memory Care Facility:
Presented by Forrest Westin, Agemark (20 min.)
The Country House Memory Care Facility is proposed to be located on two parcels, totaling 1.7 acres, located at the northeast corner of Barton and Douglas Boulevard. The project proposes an extended care medical facility for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The 32,400 square foot building will include 45 rooms with 48 beds, a commercial kitchen and dining area, offices and stations for 24/7 staff.

Placer County Winery Ordinance:
Presented by George Rosasco, Supervising Planner, Placer County Planning Services Division ( 30 min.)
In 2013, at the direction of the Board of Supervisors, staff initiated preparation of a revision to the Placer County Winery Ordinance. It was determined that the wine industry was burgeoning and that the Winery Ordinance needed to address the unique land use issues associated with wineries, such as access requirements, wine tasting rooms, and private functions in predominantly rural areas. Staff has conducted five workshops before the Planning Commission which has resulted in the proposed Draft Ordinance before you today as an action item.

District 4 Vacancies

Granite Bay Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) is accepting applications for a MAC member. For more information about the MAC click here. For an application, click here.

Accepting applications for Granite Bay Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) Secretary. Placer County MAC Secretary. For an application, click here.

Placer County Assessment Appeals Board is accepting applications. Specific criteria must be met for this position. For more information about the Board click here. For an application, click here.

February MAC Meeting Summary

Supervisor Report:
If Supervisor Kirk Uhler is not present, Linda Brown will present

San Juan Water District and Sacramento Suburban District Proposed Merger Discussion:
Presented by: Shauna Lorance , General Manager, San Juan Water District (10 min.)
Information will be provided on San Juan Water District and Sacramento Suburban District’s proposed merger.

Overview of KidsFirst a Nonprofit Organization:
Presented by: Barbara Besana, Interim Executive Director
KidsFirst is the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Placer County, operating two Counseling and Family Resource Centers in Roseville and Auburn; celebrating twenty - five years as the Child Abuse Prevention Council in Placer County. Their mission is to “end child abuse and neglect.”

Sign-up Now for Sheriff’s Community Awareness Academy

Reservations are now being taken for the Placer County Sheriff Office’s Community Awareness Aca de my. This year, participants will tour the new South Placer Jail in addition to several other “field trips.” Save a spot now as the academy fills up quickly.

Attendees are asked to attend all eight classes, each of which covers a different topic. Classes are held Monday and Wednesday evenings, beginning Monday , March 2 and ending March 25 . Participants will hear from members of the department’s special units and , in addition to touring the new jail, will tour the morgue, the 911 dispatch center, and the air operations hangar.

Classes are held in the Community Room at the Placer County Sheriff’s Office headquarters in the Auburn Justice Center, 2929 Richardson Drive, Auburn. Classes are scheduled from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The academy will kick off with a welcome by top sheriff’s administrators and an overview of how the department works.

On subsequent nights, presentations will be made by air operations, Search and Rescue, the bomb squad, the Special Enforcement Team, the marine unit, investigations, hostage negotiators and the drug task force. There will also be a demonstration by members of the K-9 team.

The academy is intended to provide the citizens of Placer County with an overview of the Sheriff Office’s functions, policies and procedures, as well as getting them involved in their community. The goal of the academy is to provide a greater awareness and understanding of law enforcement’s role in the community. Attendees must be at least 18 years of age, work or reside in Placer County and agree to submit to a minor background check.

A reservation is required. To reserve a spot, call Community Services Officer Kim Rivera at (530) 889-6922 or email krivera@placer.ca.gov.

Update on the Pond Pavilion & Lofts Project

Located between Berg Street and Barton Road on Douglas Boulevard in Granite Bay, the project proposes the construction of an event pavilion and 26 working lofts on two separate parcels. It was presented at MAC Wednesday and approved. However, the event center was not well received by many at MAC due to the noise 200-300 attendees could make and the ability to hold 200 events a year.

The public comment period on this project starts on 1/8/15 and ends on 2/6/15; after which, the Planning Commission may hear about this project February 26. In the meantime, you can click here to read the Mitigated Negative Declaration, you can also e-mail your comments here or you can mail them here:
Environmental Coordination Services
Placer County Community Development Resource Agency
3091 County Center Drive, Suite 190, Auburn, CA 95603
Fax: 530-745-3080

Eureka Union School District Kindergarten Registration

Registration for Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten will begin February 3rd in the Eureka Union School District.

If you have an incoming Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten student for the 2015 – 2016 school year, you may pick up a registration packet at the TK – 3 school of your residential area:

Greenhills School
8200 Greenhills Way
Granite Bay, CA 95746

Maidu School
1950 Johnson Ranch Dr.
Roseville, CA 95661

Oakhills School
9233 Twin Schools Road
Granite Bay, CA 95746

*Registration packets may be picked up beginning Tuesday, February 3rd.*

Included in the registration packet are the times of school tours and the Parent Welcome and Information Night. If you have any questions you may contact any of the schools above. We are looking forward to your child’s first step into school.

New Granite Bay Alert Posted

The GBCA hasn’t published a monthly Alert for the last year due to the stagnant development in our community. However, in the last months a number of projects have been proposed for the Douglas Boulevard corridor and are in various stages of submittal at County. Click here to learn more about them.

January MAC Meeting Summary

Supervisor Report:
If Supervisor Kirk Uhler is not present, Linda Brown will present

Update on Auburn Folsom Road Widening:
Presented by: Robert Vrooman, Senior Civil Engineer, Placer County Department of Public Works
Information will be provided on Phase 3 of the Auburn Folsom Road Widening. Public Works will provide answers to the following questions. What is the current status ? What are the next steps ? When will construction to be completed ?

Pond Pavilion & Lofts:
Presented by: Roy Schaefer, Asso ciate Planner and Lisa Powers Developer
This is a 5.2 acre undeveloped (except for a parking lot in the north end of the parcel) property that is located immediately east of the Quarry Ponds Town Center. The project includes t wo craftsman loft buildings totaling 23,662 square feet (Building A i s 12,000 sq. ft. and Building B is 11,662 sq. ft. ) and a commercial event center totaling 7,500 square feet (2,717 sq. ft. of indoor administration and catering kitchen space and 4,783 sq. ft. of interior event space). On-site and off-site parking spaces w ill be provided.
The project will require the following Entitlements: General Plan/Community Plan Amendment, Rezone, Tentative Parcel Map, Conditional Use Permit, and Variances.

December MAC Meeting CANCELLED

The Granite Bay MAC’s monthly meeting scheduled for Wednesday, December 3, 2014, has been cancelled.

Upcoming Meetings

Tues., June 2, 2015
9:00 AM
Placer County Board of Supervisors

Wed., June 3, 2015
7:00 PM
Granite Bay MAC

Wed., June 10, 2015
7:00 PM
SJW District Board

Tues., June 16, 2015
9:00 AM
Placer County Board of Supervisors

Tues., June 16, 2015
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Jessie Helms Room – Loomis Library
Older Adult Advisory Commission

Wed., June 17, 2015
7:00 PM
South Placer Fire District Board of Directors

Wed., June 24, 2015
7:00 PM
SJW District Board

Wed., July 1, 2015
7:00 PM
Granite Bay MAC

Upcoming Events

Thurs., April 9, 2015
Food Truck Fun
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
** This event is held on the second Thursday of every month year-round **

Sat., April 11, 2015
Inner Journeys for Self-exploration, Healing and Transformation
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Sat., April 11, 2015
Taste of Granite Bay
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Tues., April 21, 2015
Gloves and Shovels Garden Club
10 AM
** This event is held on the third Tuesday of every month **

Tues., April 21, 2015
Creating a Family Culture Rooted in Faith
6:30 - 8 PM

Wed., April 22, 2015
Creating a Family Culture Rooted in Faith
10 AM - 11:30 PM

Tues., May 5, 2015
Big Day of Giving
12 AM - 12 AM

Tues., May 5, 2015
Placer County BIG Dog Kick-Off Party for the Big Day of Giving
10 AM - 2 PM

Click here and let us know about an upcoming community event.